Fyrirlestur 20. september

Næsti fyrilestur í boði Alþjóðafélagsins nefnist:

The power of silence in hypnotherapy: Where hypnotherapy meets brainspotting

Flytjandi er Andreas Kollar, sem er klinískur sálfræðingur.

Stutt CV á ensku:

Andreas Kollar is a Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, and Coach living in Vienna, Austria.

He is the past president of the Milton Erickson Society Austria (MEGA) and a trainer and supervisor for clinical hypnosis. He has worked for ten years in psychiatric institutions and more than 12 years in a private practice. He is the author of two books; at least a third is in the making


Brainspotting is a method that was developed by David Grand out of EMDR and is a trauma-integration method. 

In this workshop, you will learn about the most essential elements of Brainspotting to use within a hypnotherapeutic frame. Particular emphasis is placed on the technique and posture of minimal intervention for maximum development, which is rooted in the client-responsive approach of Ernest Rossi. The focusing technique presented here can be excellently combined with experience-activating, hypnosomatic approach, and hypnotherapeutic methods.

The facilitator will demonstrate how Brainspotting works inside a hypnotherapeutic frame and how silence can enhance the effect of hypnotic suggestions. 

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